Bins inquiry screenplay by Lew Osteen


Ever wondered what treasures may lie behind the metal doors of your local storage unit? Self storage units are used by people from all walks of life, from average families to the neighborhood eccentric to some of the world’s most famous celebrities who store things they do not want told. The PERKINS PUBLIC STORAGE FACILITY where the action of BINS takes place is a “Bates Motel” of such facilities in a spooky building on the wrong side of a decaying inner city. It is run by Antonio Perko a Tony Perkins look-a-like who is a troubled young man, forced to live with a domineering mother, Ann Contraband who is a bag lady and serial hoarder. On the verge of going out of business, it is not choosy about who stores things and not to careful about what they store. Once the Bins are rented, no questions are asked and if the rent is paid no one will ever see what is behind the bin door. Open a bin door at random and you will find everything from coffins to sex slaves.

Simon Snow is a struggling writer, and a good guy down on his luck. One day he is hit with a divorce, an eviction from his house, a rejection of his latest work and a problem with drinking too much to ease his pain. Short on funds he rents a bin to store his stuff and make a temporary home. Unfortunately he opens the wrong bin and reveals stacks of Mexican Cartel money where he is confronted by buxom Carmen a beauty who has plans to double-cross Carlos the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Confused about what to do, Simon hides out in his bin where he is joined by his daughter Selena who hopes to help him reconcile with his wife and keep the family together. They are both discovered by Carlos and his gang of Narco thugs. When Carlos arrives he finds the money is missing he suspects Simon of moving it. Simon has no clue, but Carlos guts off all communication and proceeds to force confessions and find the money.

Simon must find a way to stop Carlos from killing him and his daughter and get free of the storage facility before a bomb set by terrorists goes off.

95 pages FD 8.0 PDF

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